Last of The Summer Wine

It’s been like summer groundhog day in England this year (we’re not complaining) and we’ve been racing through wine like the clappers. From Wimbledon, to the World Cup and a daily excuse for a picnic or barbecue, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite summery occasions for the next few weeks and the perfect wine styles to match. 

The Perfect Barbecue Wine

 We know that summer has a tendency to scream WHITE WINE at the top of it’s lungs, but we’re excited to be chilling down some reds in our fridge. A chilled red you say? A Beaujolais or Chinon are the perfect barbecue sidekick, ready to cut through the smoky meats, or delicious veggies with enviable ease. Beaujolais Nouveau, fondly known as ‘Bojo Nouveau’ has come a long way since the 80s, and winemakers are making amazing, juicy examples of it, alongside some more serious contenders. Look for the regions Julienas and Morgon for the grown up hallmarks of Beaujolais, or Fleurie for something on the lighter, flirtier side.

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The perfect wedding wine

Yes, it’s wedding season. We’ve all been to at least fifty already and are desperately trying not to wish away these glorious Summer days until we get our weekends back. Alas, weddings are an excellent excuse to quaff on rosé to our heart's content.

Rosé comes in myriad different colours and styles, people often long for the salmon pink and French holiday memories associated with Provence rosé. Why not break out and try some of the more unusual ones — countries like Austria, Portugal (leaving Mateus firmly out of this) and California are making some corkers, which often have a touch more character to them to boot. Also, rosé is not just for the bride #Brosé.

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The perfect "surprise me" Wine

If you're looking to try something a little more left field, Orange, or skin-contact wines are a good place to start.

The style, is essentially a white wine made in a similar way to a red, and takes its name and golden hue from the grapes spending a little more time on their skins. You might hear things like ‘left on skins for 2 days, 1 week or 2 months', and as a general rule of thumb, the deeper the colour, the longer the juice has been basking in its skin, creating a richer wine that often has the weight and feel of a red wine when you drink it.

Countries such as Georgia — the birthplace of wine — and Slovenia historically lead the way with this style, but Italy, France and Austria are producing some knockouts. 

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