Our Story

We all love wine. 
We love trying as many wines as possible to broaden our horizons.
We especially love discovering new wines; wines that, together with wonderful food and great social occasions, create new moments that live forever in the memory.
But we want wine to be simplified. It can be very confusing.
And we want the process of buying of wine to be more convenient, like buying groceries and other day-to-day products is today.
And wine should be fun, right? Just pure, unadulterated enjoyment. It doesn't need to be so serious.
This is why we started Vinterest. 
Our Story
Vinterest was founded in 2014 by wine-loving friends Nuno and Angus. Our goal has always been to offer a fresh approach to buying wine, leaving behind the clichés that have somewhat tarnished the experience, like flavour descriptors that no-one understands and terminology seemingly devised to create confusion. We want to instil more openness and a sense of community, where those who are less familiar with wine are welcome and those with a little more knowledge up their sleeve, feel at home. We want to help and encourage people to learn about wine, and broaden consumer horizons in terms of taste and experimentation. 
Our Mission
Our mission is simple; to enable you to buy the wines you love, whenever you want, wherever you want. We want to provide the convenience of a fast delivery service with the guarantee of high quality in all wines that we offer. Our curated range means we only offer the very best wines available at all times, and deliveries are typically made in less than 30 minutes. However, if you do encounter an issue with one of our wines or are displeased in any way, just get in touch with us through messenger on the site, or send an email to hello@vinterest.uk. You're sure to find someone eager to make things right for you. No lip service, just action.
Vinterest // Grape Juice Gang